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It's a Digital World

  1. EDI
  2. Electronic Payments
    1. Reinventing Electronic Payments - Brian Tankersley, CPA, CITP. Tennessee CPA Journal. (2015), March/April 2015. PDF of the issue, see page 6 for the article
  3. Emerging Technologies

This is a category that may not have an end! But here is a start on thought pieces.

  1. 9-08-2016 A Guide to the ‘Essential Eight’ Emerging Technologies by PwC posted in July 2016. The number #1 item on the list AI has certainly been around for years. Consider Marvin Minsky,, and his Society of Mind theories that go back to the 1960's. Other founders of AI include: John McCarthy, Allen Newell, Arthur Samuel and Herbert Simon. Newell and Simon specifically became famous in their own right. But the field of AI research goes back to these individuals at a research conference at Dartmouth College in 1956 ref. Some might argue that AI has long been touted as the next great thing, but there are differences in the Big Data / Internet of Things world that we live in today (2016). The list is good food for thinking about strategic initiatives for the future.
    1. AI
    2. Augmented reality
    3. Blockchain
    4. Drones
    5. Internet of Things (IoT)
    6. Robots
    7. Virtual reality
    8. 3D printing
  2. 9-08-2016 The Disruption Profiler by PwC and related content for considering potential disruption by industry due to technology and business changes.