I love deadlines. Especially the whooshing sound they make as they pass by.

Douglas Adams

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Speechless: World History Without Words by Paul Fitzgerald (aka Polyp) (2009)2017-02-03
Insurgent (Divergent Series) by Veronica Roth (2015)2017-02-09
Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique by Lauren Roxburgh (2016)2017-02-09
The Iliad of Homer: Lecture Transcript and Course Guidebook (The Great Courses) by Professor Elizabeth Vandiver (1999)2017-02-12
A Perfect Score: The Art, Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery by Kathryn Hall (2016)2017-02-17
The Iliad by Homer (2012)2017-02-20
CliffsNotes on Homer's Iliad (Cliffsnotes Literature Guides) by Bob Linn (2000)2017-02-21
Jane Butel's Simply Southwestern: Authentic Recipes for Enduring Traditions (The Jane Butel Library) by Jane Butel (2016)2017-02-21
The Best Things in Life are Free by Lonely Planet (2016)2017-02-22
The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory by John Seabrook (2016)2017-02-23
The Swing!: Lose the Fat and Get Fit with This Revolutionary Kettlebell Program by Tracy Reifkind (2013)2017-02-24

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