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Promoting the CPA Profession

TSCPA Accounting Academy at Belmont University

Destination CPA - Texas CPA site maps out the route to becoming a certified public accountant for both high school and college students.

Technology and the CPA

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History of Accounting

  1. An Italian Friar, Luca Pacioli, recorded the bookkeeping system of double entry accounting (see the Google book translations link below) in 1494. Pacioli used the Latin terms Debere and Credre in the bookkeeping system. The Latin was translated to English as Debit and Credit.
    • From Chapter 36 of Pacioli's Treatise All the creditors must appear in the Ledger at the right hand side, and all the debtors at the left. All entries made in the ledger have to be double entries—that is, if you make one creditor, you must make some one debtor. Each debit (shall give—dee dare) and credit (shall have—dee havere) entry must contain three things, namely: the day, the amount and the reason for the entry.
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Laptop Security

In a short WSJ article, More Firms Ride Wave of Mobile Security, on Tuesday, 2/27, there were 2 interesting data points: # of records involved in computer thefts in the last 2 years and the cost per record for a data breach.

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XBRL roll out

XBRL is gaining momentum. In April, I commented on the XBRL test project - TryXBRL. Last week, the required implementation of XBRL (as expected) is another step closer with the SEC unanimously approving to formally propose XBRL (i.e., a pre-rule meeting).

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Strategic IT articles in Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review (within the past year)

It is time to update some of my teaching materials on strategic IT. These 2 journals are a great place to start. The Executive Summaries in HBR are excellent tools to quickly scan "in detail" the contents of an issue. EBSCO Research database search string =

JN "Harvard Business Review" AND TI executive summaries
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Regulations over Loans to Family Members

Update 2014-03-08: Estate Planning Issues With Intra-Family Loans and Notes by Steve R. Akers, Bessemer Trust, August 2012 has examples, advantages/disadvantages of loans vs gifts, and applicable legal precedent.

Quote from the article regarding problems with loans

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Health Savings Accounts as a financial tool

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are an important new tool for future financial security. They require personal responsibility to setup and manage. The following notes are my search for understanding the HSA and documentation of what I need to do to manage it.

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CPAs as Trust Protectors by Michael B. Allmon, Journal of Accountancy, March 2007. Helping clients build flexibility and additional oversight into their trusts is a manageable, meaningful new niche.

  • A trust protector has contractual powers (described in the trust document) to assist in guiding both corporate trustees and trust beneficiaries through legal and tax complexities to realize the trustors original intent. Using a trust protector provides an added safeguard over the actions of an appointed corporate trustee. The concept is common in offshore asset protection planning. ... more ...

CPE to refresh your skills

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Accounting Information Systems

Other terms such as business processes and controls or enterprise systems may more accurately describe the course content. The link above is to a structured page of the major course content.

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A reconciliation can take many different forms. One example is a bank reconciliation where the G/L balance for cash is compared to the ending bank balance.

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