Item Analysis

The Item Analysis summarizes overall test performance statistics and individual questions. Functionally, the item analysis should help you recognize poorly discriminating questions. But in formative knowledge quizzes, i.e. before class discussion, I typically allow multiple attempts. So "discrimination" is not always my objective.

Interpretation of multiple attempts: When students take a test multiple times, the last submitted attempt is used. In this case the interpretation of the results is not very useful!

Test Summary Statistics - overall performance

  • Possible Points
  • Possible Questions
  • In Progress Attempts, i.e. not yet submitted
  • Completed Attempts
  • Average Score
  • Average Time

Discrimination - # of questions: Good, Fair, Poor, and Cannot Calculate. Multiple attempts typically result in "Cannot Calculate"

Difficulty - # of questions answered correctly by students: Easy (> 80%), Medium (30% to 80%) and Hard (< 30%) categories.

Question Statistics - individual question statistics. Can be filtered by question type, discrimination category, and difficulty category

Columns of data for each question:

  • Discrimination
  • Difficulty
  • Graded Attempts
  • Average Score
  • Standard Deviation
  • Standard Error


Attempts Statistics

Reports graded attempts and total attempts. So in the case of allowing multiple attempts, it is possible to determine the number of retakes.

However, if using a block of questions with random questions chosen for each attempt, statistical information cannot be provided for random blocks.

View All Attempts

shows individual student, Grade, attempt number, date/time, and duration. Useful with multiple attempts for reviewing the process of taking the quiz.

Download Results

It is possible to analyze the process within multiple attempts by downloading and analyzing the data as follows:

  • By Question and User
  • All Attempts

Column Statistics

Score analysis including min, max, average, median, and grade distribution by percentage category

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