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Windows Vista and Windows Desktop Search 3.01 Advanced Query Syntax - an excellent reference for the advanced search functionality available in the native Vista search.

Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) would help with the following:

Outcome DesiredAQS
looking for an email with the text "TSCPA with an attachmentTSCPA has:attachment
an email with the text "TSCPA" IN an attachmentTSCPA is:attachment
search with date funtionsafter:date or before:date where date is m/d/yyyy, dates can also be specified as tomorrow, last week, next month, Saturday, December
restrict to specific file typeskind:email kind:docs kind:xls
use of OR to extend the reach of multiple words, otherwise AND is implied(search1 OR search2)

Microsoft forum specific to Search functionality

Wikipedia's definition of Desktop Search

X1 Enterprise Client 02-06-2007 This is my 3rd try at desktop search! The 1st attempt was Microsoft Windows Desktop Search, the application worked very nicely - but there were a few items that didn't seem to update in the index very quickly (perception??) and search results seemed somewhat slow to display. But overall, a solid application.

After 5 months of use I moved on to Yahoo Desktop Search - primarily because with all of the positive reviews for X1 ... and now YDS was built using the same engine as X1, I thought that the integration with my Yahoo email might be nice. But after 4 months of use I have noticed:

  • the YDS application does not appear to have updates - yet X1 seems to be regularly updated. I'm not sure why YDS is not being regularly updated?
  • my sign-in on several websites, including Yahoo!, doesn't stick anymore - could YDS actually be signing me out? Doesn't make sense - but makes me think about a change.
  • somewhat regular crashes - ouch, those hurt after awhile and I'm not willing to continue to go down that road forever. The FAQ and forum at YDS don't have answers - so time to check out the real application!

Today (2-6-2007) I have updated to X1 ... er, I thought that I was updating! But midway through the installation of X1 I received the rather rude STOP message and had to go back to the beginning to uninstall YDS ("another version of X1 is running") first. Of course my searching for that exact problem ahead of time yielded no hint. In fact my searches for comparison's between YDS and X1 have yielded only results announcing that the 2 products are the same, tied at the hip, etc. That is part of the reason for posting this info.

How does X1 look? I has more native file presentation formats. Indexes faster and visually. Seems rather well behaved (so far). Further results and comments in a couple of days.

2-8-2007 update Excellent operating characteristics. Seems to be less of a load on the CPU, no mysterious crashes, and it simply works out of the box. Indexing my 5 GB of Outlook PST files and about 20GB of application files was fairly speedy. I could visually see the percentage marker move upwards on the email portion. I wasn't that bored to watch any of the remaining progress. Within a working day the index was completly built.

X1 runs in the background taking care of adding new content and handling changes based on moving files and email around. I haven't noticed it running. The search box on the bottom row of the screen is great - easier to access the application than the Yahoo Desktop Search, but very similar to the Windows Desktop Search in terms of that bottom bar (except X1 is much faster).

3-8-2007 update X1 works great!!! Very fast searches, excellent preview of every document I was lookinig at except TreePad files, but that might be a bit too much to expect! My only complaint is that in the default begin to search mode - the starting point is always email. When I switch to another tab the search criteria don't come along -- seems like odd behavior. I'll have to experiment with options to see if I can get past this. But that is my only complaint in the past month. Well behaved application overall.


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