Citibank Drivers Edge

  1. Rebates earned for dollars charged
    1. 3% at supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations
    2. 1% on all other
  2. Maximum rebate of $1,000 per year (the "year" is based on anniversary date)
  3. Rebates expire in 5 years (or if the card is not used for 12 consecutive months)
  4. Rebates are redeemable for purchase of a new or used car or for car repairs.

Citibank Dividend Card

Discover Card - Cashback Bonus

Fifth Third Rewards

  1. Points earned for each dollar charged
  2. No maximum
  3. Points expire in 3 years
  4. Value starts at about 0.5 % of amount charged (gets to about 1% for $10,000 charged)
  5. Value received goes up as a percentage by waiting to redeem in big blocks
  6. shipping costs on cards??? unknown at this point 2010-05-24

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Rewards Cards

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