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Blackboard Training Materials (available during July 2012):

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Blackboard Test Generators

  1. Generate Blackboard ready quizzes (i.e. test/quiz pool) directly from text. The result is a zip file that which you will import into the Pool Manager in Blackboard.
  2. Test generator comparison, including general Blackboard reference info and link to a video on uploading questions from Excel
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Reference Materials:

Student Lists from Blackboard

Capture a list of student IDs, first and last name, and email address directly from Blackboard. Easy to copy and paste into Excel with a minimal bit of clean-up.

  1. Blackboard: Users and Groups section: select Users
  2. At the bottom of the page "Show All" to display all students in the section
  3. Highlight the column headings and all rows of students. Copy and
  4. paste into Excel as text ... more ...



Convert Student Email Addresses From Banner To Individual Rows Banner is a great resource for storing student information. However, extracting the information from a screen by scrapping (i.e. copy and paste) requires a few extra steps for the email addresses.

Email addresses are dumped to a new Outlook email form in the Bcc section. Converting this blob of email addresses into an Excel list takes a couple of steps.

  1. Copy the list from the Outlook email form
  2. Paste into NotePad++
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This survey tool can also be used with students. Sometimes better than the tools in Blackboard 2015-09-14 See Qualtrics University Support and Training for extensive details. But the online Qualtrics survey building user interface is very straightforward. Qualtrics eBooks in PDF or Kindle mode.

  1. Integration into Blackboard
    • Open access is easy with a URL embedded within Blackboard
    • To control access by student requires security. See survey options: Survey protection - by invitation only. Requires upload of CSV with email address.
    • Password protection is also a security option all by itself. Note that this could be used with the open access method.
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To Do: Keyboard shortcuts for grading

check out 2016-02-27

   see also  Scribbles - February 2016

Blackboard Feedback on Quizzes and Tests

Showing results and feedback on quizzes and tests in Blackboard

  • Total score is always visible to students from the gradebook or from the Quiz/Test.
  • Feedback defaults are After Submission and Score per Question
    • in the default mode, no answers are shown and no individual question feedback given.
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Blackboard Letter Grades-What are the percentages

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Blackboard Questions

open questions for possible improvement or useful features


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