Showing results and feedback on quizzes and tests in Blackboard

  • Total score is always visible to students from the gradebook or from the Quiz/Test.
  • Feedback defaults are After Submission and Score per Question
    • in the default mode, no answers are shown and no individual question feedback given.
    • Each question is displayed with the points earned (and points possible)
  • When feedback is available
    • After Submission (default)
    • One-time View
    • On Specific Date
    • After Due Date
    • After Availability End Date
    • After Attempts are graded
  • What feedback is displayed
    • Score per question
    • All Answers
    • Correct
    • Submitted
    • Feedback: Show instructor-generated feedback messages for each question.
    • Show Incorrect Questions
  • See screen clip examples of the result of each choice at



Analysis of Blackboard quizzes and tests

what is available and what is useful?

Feedback from the perspective of students

  • a key message is for students to click on the score in the view attempts screen


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