Decision Making

Appropriate information choices are critical to decision making. This is a strategic issue for companies. Regardless whether the decisions are being made with lots of number crunching or simply gut level intuition, information choices are important. Where, how, and what information is available in an organization plays a formal role for managers. Obviously, the internet has changed easy access to some information. Additional questions revolve around where managers will look for information: internal or external.

The following articles bring together several different perspectives relative to being able to make decisions and how decisions are made.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a topic that goes through cycles of high attention. After a disaster such as a fire or Hurricane Katrina there are stories of the good plans, the "no" plans, and the problems never anticipated. At the same time, technology continues to evolve - for example many companies are using hosted systems today where the data is stored "in the cloud". Definitely fits the "redundant" and excellent general controls for ensuring a sustainable system - but as technologies change so to must the disaster recovery planning.

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John Blumberg - How to be an Every Day Champion

I just returned from the national Beta Alpha Psi conference in Anaheim, CA. John Blumberg (a CPA turned speaker) has some interesting comments for the nearly 1,000 college students in attendance. Of course, in looking out at how to have a great career there are the all important goals, communication, and life long learning skills. But John focused on Every Day Champion , where the operative words are EVERY DAY (encountered or used routinely or typically).

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Talking about work, organization, and what motivates an individual are topics with millions of articles, postings, and discussions. Getting Things Done has evolved into an internet culture over the last 10 years. Reading an article on managing an accounting career led me to an economist's rules of thumb which have important lessons across multiple dimensions.

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