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What is creativity? Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you. >Elizabeth Gilbert

New computer build, BigWhiteBox_Win8.1 details below

Faith and Work

Center for Faith and Work Resources page. The Center for Faith & Work is the cultural renewal arm of Redeemer Presbyterian Church Timothy Keller is the pastor of Redeemer.

Timothy Keller ideas from Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work, five ways that the theology of the Bible shapes the way we work.

  1. “Faith gives you an inner ballast without which work could destroy you.” faith is a moral compass

If our identity is in our work, rather than Christ, success will go to our heads, and failure will go to our hearts. I’ve highlighted Keller’s thoughts on this previously.

  1. “Faith gives you a concept of the dignity and worth of all work, even simple work, without which work could bore you.” all work is God's work
  2. “Faith gives you a moral compass without which work could corrupt you.”
  3. “Faith gives you a world and life view that shapes the character of your work, without which work could master and use you.”
  4. “Hope.”
Video Every Good Endeavor (1 hr 10 min)
Blog post reviewing Tim Keller on the Dignity of Work
Monday Morning Faith series from the Center for Faith & Work
Faith & Work prayers for the workplace,

Fitness Test

  1. Mayo Clinic fitness levels sheet for recording point in time statistics. Data driven! Explanations for measurements from Mayo in How fit are you? See how you measure up. Ready to start a fitness program? Measure your fitness level with a simple four-part test. Then use the results to set fitness goals and track your progress.
  2. P90X fitness test is more extensive, and includes basic goals for each test.
  3. The Presidential Challenge fitness test with online info and a data collection form. Almost identical to the Mayo Clinic with the addition of half sit-ups (with a 3.5 inch hand movement on the floor, counting total in one minute). Complete instructions

Great info graphic

Academic genealogy: Where BYU professors got their doctorates with "sized" logos from the representative schools. the academic map

New computer build and install of Windows 8.1

Computer build specs

Install Windows 8.1

  1. Clean install from DVD onto SSD. Quick and easy except for rebooted from DVD and did a 2nd install on top of the first. Cost = time and the need to delete a few gigabytes of Windows.old!
  2. Optimize the settings for Windows to run on the SSD using the Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT). Source:
  3. Getting used to the Win 8.1 interface. Currently searching for my [alt] [tab] open window switcher! Those three little dots on the bottom right to pick a different tab is not the speedy shortcut I was looking for!
  4. Good tips on updating Bios and testing memory from How to Geek.
    • Start with updating the Bios (latest version on website is F7 2013/08/05)
  5. Tweaking the installation of Windows 8.1
  6. Cleaning up after the installation

We overestimate what we can accomplish in a day, but underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.

Chris Guilleabeau

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