A New Year - time for new calendars

At the start of the new year I need to be ready with new calendars. A monthly wall calendar, a booklet planner, and an annual calendar for planning and project management.

Wall Calendar

Monthly Photo Wall Calendar

The monthly photo wall calendar is a staple in our house. Do it yourself with Big Huge Labs calendar creation. Firefox worked better than IE 8, not sure why but the photo upload javascript had problems in IE. Personalized is always the best and this picture from 2006 is an excellent reminder of a great vacation to Silver Sands in rural Jamaica on the north coast.

Generating these calendars requires uploading photo's or linking to photo's on Flickr or Facebook. Upload of large megapixel photos was a little slow, resizing first might help. (Resizr is quick and easy and allows cropping at the same time.)

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A New Year - Getting Things Done revisited

Start with a crazy, creative website

Paper based:

  4. Paper planner comparison from 2008
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  1. Graphic above, Daily Log Scribbles, was created by using the font: Sander's Scribble by Sander Pennings on Download and install the font in Vista by copying the TIFF file to the desktop, right click on the file and select Install. Done! Then create text using the font (24pt) in MS Word 2007 and clip the screen (Vista Snipping Tool works fine) to save as a GIF.
  2. Graceful templates as Outlook signatures for quickly answering common queries. Or just saying NO in a very nice way! Kind regards, ... !
  3. JJL's clean up our mulch beds and spread mulch for us today. Jon Harris is from Madison. Great work - Thanks! 2010-01-12
  4. Print What You Like is a tool for printing selected parts of web pages. Save paper and ink! Nice interface with a few clicks you select and print.
  5. Keeping Found Things Found is focused on personal information management. Dr. William Jones from the University of Washington is the team leader and this academic website includes links to research and a tool under development, Planz. An underlying theme of the tool is using the natural hierarchy of folders and files for simultaneous creation of project planning and organization. Embedded web links, email links, and document/file links (manual available). 2010-01-16
  6. eBay & PayPal Fee Calculator & Amazon Marketplace Fee Calculator & Fee Calculator- These are good looking tools. But the actual postage cost is plugged, i.e. not linked to actual weight/price per USPS or UPS. 2010-01-16
  7. Other online tools
  8. Sparklines is a set of user defined functions for Excel. This is a tremendous resource for charting and analysis in Excel. Started by looking for treemapping software - Microsoft Research has something available as an Excel add-in, but not much info.
    • Interesting to see that in 11/2009 Microsoft filed a patent application for Sparklines for spreadsheet data. Not sure where that fits with the open source project referenced above!
  9. Another unique Excel site, Pointy Haired Dilbert Includes charting, dashboards, tips, and templates. And a sense of humor in naming! 2010-01-25
  10. Fun Theory is all about changing human behavior by making some task fun. Piano Staircase (:youtube 2lXh2n0aPyw:) The World's Deepest Bin (:youtube cbEKAwCoCKw:) Bottle Bank Arcade Machine (:youtube zSiHjMU-MUo:) This is labeled as a Volkswagen initiative, cute and creative. 2010-01-29

The secret of what anything means to us depends on how we've connected it to all the other things we know.

Marvin Minsky

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