You can't recycle bowling balls.

NPR - Planet Money, 3/27/2015

Holiday game time



Our task, then, is to unscramble our scrambled thoughts and put them on paper without the time taken by our quill-dipping forefathers and their ink pots.

From Just Write - The Art of Personal Correspondence by Molly O'Shaughnessy (2008) (with an exceptionally thoughtful dedication essay) 1-3-2013

Project Kickstarter (another Belmont student!)

  • Kip Magut had some nice press this week in the Nashville Scene
  • His Project (chia-seed energy bar business TribEndurance) (more than 50% of the way to funding, which has a deadline of tomorrow) is detailed at Project Kickstarter. Best wishes on the venture!
  • The project made funding! Looking forward to my sample and t-shirt!

Trip to San Diego

The Element by Ken Robinson

Farmers base their livelihood on raising crops. But farmers do not make plants grow. They don't attach the roots, glue on the petals, or color the fruit. The plant grows itself. Farmers and gardeners provide the conditions for growth. Good farmers know what those conditions are, and bad ones don't. Understanding the dynamic elements of human growth is as essential to sustaining human cultures into the future as the need to understand the ecosystems of the natural world on which we ultimately depend.

  • The Element by Ken Robinson

Accounting software

or possibly just a quick look at replacing Quicken

  • Open source? GnuCash
    • Advantage of controlling and storing the data.
  • of course a simple solution could be a simple download to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Got my data back from Mint, thanks to GnuCash/mysql
  • key questions to resolve
    • categorization of data
    • import capabilities (and export capabilities of bank and credit card)
    • other uses? it is an accounting system!

File and Folder Organization

  1. Lightroom -- photographs (JPG and RAW or DNG files)
  2. Folder hierarchy and structure
    • tags vs folders
    • what does the operating system support?
    • bookmarks vs Evernote vs local storage

Exploring Tennessee and Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet is a quiet and somewhat forgotten suburb of Nashville. Even after living here for 4.5 years, I'm still curious where the interesting details of the city can be found. I'm reading An Explorer's Guide to Tennessee by Sally Walker Davies and it reinforced my idea of making a list of things to see and photos after going there. So here is a start:


Importance of understanding investor behavior

The stock market has been on a tear so far in 2013. This is fairly obvious looking at various breadth indicators, particularly those measuring the number of new highs vs new lows and moving averages thereof.

From Chris Kimble by reference to technical analysis education (the need for it)

The study of price behavior is as basic to markets as the study of human behavior is to psychology. It is directly observable. There is price, volume and time. Nothing is hidden or subject to conjecture. There is no implying.

There are really only 3 behaviors – buy, sell and hold and charts are, concretely, the visual depiction of the collective market exhibiting those behaviors.

Patterns repeat themselves. They do not do so perfectly and predictive validity is nowhere near 100% but that’s not the point.

Sir John Templeton believed it was important to study human behaviors throughout history. What is a chart? A visual picture of how investors feel about an asset. Sir John Templeton shared that outside of the Bible, the most important book he had ever read was the "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay. wikipedia link to book

Inventory turns data and the competitive advantage of low margins

  1. Inventory Turns = cost of goods sold / quarterly average inventory. Nice article at Gartner about the 2012 Supply Chain Top 25 including inventory turns as a measure of performance
  2. Amazon, Apple, and the beauty of low margins From Remains of the Day blog at

Opportunities to Think and pump up Creativity

  1. Lifehacker - Why You Should Work From a Coffee Shop, Even When You Have an Office Advantages include a change of environment, fewer distractions, and community. I think that the distractions are different and add an element of white noise that can aid concentration; plus stimulation of senses of exploring something new (or maybe just the caffeine!).
  2. Nashville Technology Map - technology company logos (and links) for Nashville.
  3. IBM Think - just back from Nashville Technology Council annual breakfast with keynote speaker Lee Green, vice president of IBM’s brand experience and strategic design. Presentation focused on IBM's Think exhibit and app.
Yes, this is about better information, tools, algorithms—but that's not all. It's about the deeply human quest to make the world more livable, safer, more efficient, more sustainable. Our enduring drive for progress has given us the capacity to see the world with greater clarity... to map what we see... to understand its dynamics. All of which builds shared belief... in a better future, and in the way each of us can act to make it so. Quote from the IBM's Think website 2013-01-29

To journey without being changed is to be a nomad.
To change without journeying is to be a chameleon.
To journey and to be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim.

The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo

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