Follow your bliss.

Joseph Campbell

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Frictionless Productivity and writing

Penaddict Brad Dowdy, Marketing Associate for with podcast (PenAddict)

70 Decibels - podcast collection, including Penaddict and ...

Video file conversion

Download Helper is capable of capturing and converting video. But what output format to use for easy classroom use? In the short-term, I'll just use an FLV player (such as Daum PotPlayer, review by LifeHacker) or VLC.

iPad apps

Purchased a very creative app, QuickChartsPro by Run Reason. The innovation for this $0.99 app is that is is simply a customization engine for a list of tickers (5 lists, not sure what the maximum number per list is). The tickers feed URL's that accept wildcards (in this case the tickers), so I have sites setup for (actually 2 different links for Gallery charts and my own customized RSI, MACD, CMF, and EMA lines with daily data), Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, FinViz, and options for adding more. Plus there is a "back page" where additional specific links can be stored. I will be using that for my market breadth, direction, and other weekly indicators can be stored.

I expect the app to put information at my fingertips. I can move beyond the Excel spreadsheet with clickable links (which open up lots and lots of browser windows). Productivity from this app is expected!

Joseph Campbell and the dragon

Joseph Campbell, Hero with a Thousand Faces, in a Power of Myth interview with Bill Moyers. The “English” dragon represents greed because it guards the gold and the virgins in its lair even though it has no use for either. So there is no experience with these valuable items. The dragon represents our ego, i.e. slay the dragon to become free once again. How to slay the dragon? Follow your Bliss and journey to save yourself.

A nice summary of Power of Myth are class notes at It also includes the references to Star Wars. Very nice set of notes.

Course Management System (CMS)

Mid July and time to start thinking about the Fall Semester. As we upgrade to Blackboard 9.1, I'm thinking about design for my online materials. Details continued at Blackboard.

Online Tool

Sumo Paint is an excellent online (free) Photoshop simulation. Layers and more.

Courage is contagious.
When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.

Billy Graham

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