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The Law of Forced Efficiency: This law says that, 'There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.'

Brian Tracy

Brisket ... time for a BBQ

Jimmy Schmidt's Rattlesnake Ribs from The New Basics Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins. Take a look at those spices! I first cooked these in Arizona. I'm not sure that I really like the braising method anymore however.

iTunes software ... still junk after all these years!

I held off for years NOT downloading or using iTunes. But after I bought an iPad3 in 2012, I broke down and finally installed it and became a heavy user for podcasts (and stopped using gPodder). In a year and a half, I've had problems after most updates (at least 3) with my preferences being changed, ignored, deleted, etc. So my typical solution was to delay the iTune update. I wasn't thinking tonight and let the update run while I was cleaning up email. Once again burned! Now the iTunes control panel makes it look like all of my download podcasts are missing (the files are actually still on the hard drive ... at the moment!).

Is this a big problem? Just curious 8 pages of comments 11494 Views 112 Replies suggest that in the last month this is a typical problem.

What happened with that great Apple quality? Is has been missing from my iTunes experience. Is that a design concept only for Apple?

Amazon free shipping compared to NewEgg free shipping

Not much of a comparison. wins hands down.

  1. order placed late Sunday 10/27
  2. packages arrived Tuesday 10/29
  3. Amazon order hadn't shipped yet by Wednesday AM 10/30.
  4. Winner of the free shipping prize =
  5. Loser of the free shipping prize =

Of course, if I paid for Amazon prime I would have received the package on Tuesday also. Just interesting to see how Amazon is very slow by comparison to another order placed at exactly the same time.

The secret of what anything means to us depends on how we've connected it to all the other things we know.

Marvin Minsky

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