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  1. Web based recorder to create instant screencasts. Focused on Twitter - but video can be downloaded or uploaded to YouTube. Requires sharing access to your Twitter account. 2009-09-07
  2. Following on last month's excellent opinion piece in the WSJ by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, the newest personal responsibility is good for all of us from September 2009 Atlantic, How American Health Care Killed My Father by David Goldhill, CEO of Game Show Network. How can this be such a mystery to Washington policy wonks?
  3. A Computer Repair Utility Kit You Can Run From a Thumb Drive Feb 2009 listing of the utilities and a short description of what they can be used for. A good comprehensive list, but the download is no longer available. 2009-09-08
  4. Marlett font in Windows is used for some of the small screen graphics. Easy examples are a=check mark, g=black box, n=black circle, etc. 2009-09-09
  5. Getting Things Written - explains how a writer integrates Getting Things Done ("GTD")
  6. Excel spreadsheet add-in for Time Management and Diary (TiDy), has an installer so I passed until I find more references to usage.
    1. Other examples of GtD applications for PCs and other devices
    2. Thinking Rock
    3. MasterList Pro (once was Safarai Software) - Excel interface with projects, tasks and dashboards.
  7. Klok is another personal time tracking, project management application. Clever interface idea. Projects are listed on the left. Drag one into the tracker, which assigns one hour -- which can be changed to what you need. Comments field for adding notes for billing. This is worth a look for interesting approach. And download for free.
  8. Brainstorm Niche Keywords with Google’s Wonder Wheel - dig into the search options in Google and find a virtual mindmapping tool that digs into Google’s brain and pulls out related keywords. After using Google search, click on the options on the upper left under the search box - select Wonder Wheel (or timeline for a time based frequency chart). The Wonder Wheel is similar to a mind map with 8 branches, after a branch is selected a link is created to a 2nd Wonder Wheel with new branches. Continuing selection of branches and display of a new subset Wonder Wheel continues on and on ...
  9. I helped Michael out with one of his stop motion video's. His ideas for enhancing a photo required a tool capable of layers, similar to Photoshop. We used the web tool SumoPaint - worked great within Firefox. Of course after extended use, the miserable Firefox memory management got in the way to freeze the program. But we saved most of the work and rebooted to give Firefox a clean slate. We didn't register - but if you do, it looks as if you can save the layers (similar to a PSD format file).
  10. LiveScribe Pencast Create and Share a Pencast using Jing and a LiveScribe pen. The LiveScribe pen records audio and writing with easy playback. Used in combination with Jing Pro to record a screen capture video - this is a creative use of technology to help to teach or explain a concept. 2009-09-15
  11. 9/28/2009 - Dell Inspiron 1525 failed today. Would not power up under either battery or AC, green light turns on but no spin on the drive. Removed the drive and installed in a desktop to transfer user files to a portable drive. Now I'm searching for laptop repair tips.
  12. 9/28/2009 further on the emergency setup road. I was already using DropBox for the last 2 months as a test. Now I'll be using it to synchronize my working folders to the cloud from my office desktop. The files will also be available to me at home. Plus I'll use the portable drive.
    • Also considering use of TrueCrypt to create an encrypted container on DropBox - add additional security to the setup. From the DropBox tips If you use TrueCrypt, you must unmount the volume before it can be uploaded by Dropbox. You will need to remount (and supply the password again) to view any files in the volume. You should also avoid making changes to the volume on more than one computer at the same time, since Dropbox would be creating a conflicted copy of the entire volume, rather than one single file, if multiple conflicting changes are made at the same time. The security of this approach depends almost entirely on the strength of your passphrase!
    • more details in the next couple of days!
    • Moving your OST in Outlook 2007 - (9/29) of course this is an issue, using WebMail and Exchange on the Web for even 1 day has me slowly getting through my email. My issue is figuring out how to use Outlook on 2 different computers, i.e. syncing between the 2.

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