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CPE footnotes from the MN State Board of Accountancy

  • Ethics - Ethics hours must total eight hours or more for the rolling three years ended June 30, 2017. For CPAs who were first licensed after July 1, 2014, the eight hour ethics requirement is effective at the same time the rolling 120 hour requirement is first effective in accordance with Minnesota Rule 1105.3000(K). Must be in regulatory or behavioral ethics.
  • CPE hour limitations for inclusion in the rolling 120 total hours over 3 years.
    1. A maximum of 60 hours from instructor preparation or presentation;
    2. A maximum of 60 hours from the writing of articles, books, or CPE courses for publication;
    3. At least 24 hours must be obtained from attending instructor-led programs; and
    4. A maximum of 24 hours from programs in the subject area of personal development, as defined in the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs.

Highlights extracted from (in about 2010)

  • Reporting period: July 1 -- June 30.
  • Ethics - 8 credits of accounting or business ethics required over each 3-year period.
    1. from Minnesota Rules Chapter 1105 1105.3000 CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS.
    2. At least eight hours of the 120 hours shall be in accounting ethics or business ethics. A program in ethics includes topics such as ethical reasoning, state-specific statutes and rules, and standards of professional conduct, including those of other applicable regulatory bodies.
  • Nonresident licensees seeking active renewal in Minnesota
    1. from Minnesota Rules Chapter 1105 1105.3100 CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS..
    2. Subp. 3. Nonresident. A nonresident licensee holding a certificate with an active status issued by this state meets the CPE requirement of this chapter by meeting the CPE requirements for renewal of a certificate in the state in which the licensee's principal place of business is located. Nonresident applicants for renewal of a certificate shall demonstrate compliance with the CPE renewal requirements of the state in which the licensee's principal place of business is located by signing a statement to that effect on the renewal application of this state.
  • CPE credit limitations (Effective for year ending June 30, 2007)
    • Self-study - Limit of 80% of the required credits. NASBA/QAS approved only.
    • Personal development - Limit of 24 credits.
    • Teaching - Limit of 50% of the credits can be obtained from instructor preparation or presentation.
    • Writing - Limit of 50% of the credits can be obtained from the writing of articles, books or CPE courses for publication.
    • Non-Board approved sponsors - Limit of 40% of CPE credits may come from sponsors not on the Board-approved list.

TN Society of CPAs

Board of Accountancy - State of Tennessee

CPE credit is available for reading the Tennessee CPA Journal, 1 credit hour per issue. Must be completed within about 6 months of the cover date.

Active CPA certificate holders must have (extracted from

  • 80 hours every two (2) years with a minimum of 20 hours in each year.
  • At least 40 of the 80 hours must be in category A, T, M or E.
  • A maximum of 16 hours of your 80-hour requirement may be obtained through the magazine reading program such as reading the Tennessee CPA Journal or AICPA/CPE Direct Credit courses and returning those questions for a score.
  • Ethics CPE Rule Details - Four hours of ethics CPE within every two year renewal period, starting in 2008.
    • One hour of the four hour requirement must be from a board approved Tennessee-specific ethics course (the TSCPA sponsored Tennessee-specific ethics sessions are all Tennessee State Board of Accountancy approved to meet this requirement).
  • Carry Over CPE: Excess CPE hours earned in one reporting period (i.e., any over the 80 hour requirement) can be carried forward into the next reporting period but not beyond. Carry over is limited to 24 hours of carry over CPE per reporting period. In addition, carry over hours do not contribute to the minimum 20 hour requirement nor the 40 technical hour requirement.
  • CPE limits
    • Technical CPE types: accounting, accounting ethics, auditing, taxation, computer science and management or financial advisory services (or consulting services) totaling 80 hours every two years.
    • Periodical reading and testing cannot exceed 20 percent of the total required CPE. The reading of any journal or periodical for continuing professional education credit is subject to the 20 percent limitation as “Other CPE.”
    • Self-study courses are allowed if the sponsor has complied with the CPE NASBA Quality Assurance Service Program. QAS-compliant sponsors are listed on the NASBA Web site at Self-study can equate to 100 percent.

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