Problems running PmWiki on an old version of PHP. Currently on php5.3 and ready for the jump to at least php5.5 The upgrade requires some fixes of cookbook code.

PmWiki has had some changes to facilitate figuring out what is needed:

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 Version 2.2.71 (2014-12-29)

The release also adds back-tracing for markup rules potentially incompatible with PHP 5.5. Such rules, often added by recipes, can trigger "Deprecated: preg_replace()" warnings. To find out which recipes may trigger the warnings, enable diagnostic tools in config.php with $EnableDiag = 1; then open a page with the 'ruleset' action, eg. HomePage?action=ruleset. The PHP-5.5-incompatible rules will be flagged with filenames, line numbers and patterns. See also the pages Troubleshooting and CustomMarkup on

  • checked config.php and $EnableDiag = 1 is already set
  • ran ?action=ruleset on several pages. Cookbook items to fix:
    1. IncludeUrl 2014 version available
    2. YouTube ??? have to research
    3. YouTube2 ??? have to research
    4. TotalCounter 2014 version available
  • 4/1/2016 8pm changed IncludeURL and TotalCounter -- both working and ?action=ruleset errors removed
  • Possible solution for YouTube embedded videos needed as the original cookbook is part of Flash
    1. Ape: Automagical PmWiki Embed
  %embed% [[ | YouTube video]]%% 
  %embed center% %% 

Just For Laughs clip

commented out COOKBOOK

  1. youtube2.php
  2. swf-sites.php
  3. only youtube2 was referenced in config.php

Other Changes

  1. Updated site software to PHP 5.6 on server
  2. Updated crypt functions for passwords to the PHP 5.5 pmcrypt function to properly use Salt
  3. Switched to a new skin to display the embedded videos with APE (switched from Blog to Minimous)
  4. Installed Mobile detect code and added adapt skin for mobile only

Deleted the subdomain:

  • too much hassle updating the PmWiki site from 2010!!


remove references to the old youtube recipe


Changes-4-6-2016 TotalCounter


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