Banner is a great resource for storing student information. However, extracting the information from a screen by scrapping (i.e. copy and paste) requires a few extra steps for the email addresses.

Email addresses are dumped to a new Outlook email form in the Bcc section. Converting this blob of email addresses into an Excel list takes a couple of steps.

  1. Copy the list from the Outlook email form
  2. Paste into NotePad++
  3. Search and replace the "; " (that is semi-colon and a space), with a "\r\n". In the Search Mode box, check the button for "Extended" mode. (NOTE: \r\n = Windows newline )
  4. Copy and paste the lines of the list from NotePad++ into Excel.
  • Of course capturing the list of students from Banner and pasting into Excel is a bit more direct by:
    1. highlighting the columns and rows on the screen and Copy
    2. Paste into Excel as Text

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that should be changed,
and the wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Reinhold Niebuhr

What is Banner?

Banner is an enterprise system for higher education. It is a student information system. More details at


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