Data entry in an Excel spreadsheet can be tedious. Use the power of restricted access to speed up data entry. The idea is that by restricting access to only specific cells (which are for the data), data entry can be quickly completed because the Enter key also serves a dual role by moving the cursor to the next available cell. The "move to the next cell" is down and then to the top of the next column (the first cell).

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Specific steps to restrict access to specific cells:

  1. Unlocking specific cells for data entry. After selecting the cells, from Format - uncheck the "Locked" box on the Protection tab. This also works for selecting entire columns or rows. But nothing happens until you do #2 below.
  2. Protect the Worksheet to control which cells can be changed. From the ribbon menu for Review - Protect Sheet and uncheck "select locked cells". This restricts cursor movement to unlocked cells only, which you specified in step #1 above.
  3. Enter the data!
  4. Reverse the "Protect the Worksheet" steps in #2 above so that you can access all cells in the worksheet.


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