Excel functions can be quite useful for analyzing statistical properties of exams and student grades for a semester.

  1. First, some background on standardizing scores for analysis across a course. Calculating Z and T scores is a good place to start. See Grading students by Cross, Lawrence H. (1995) in Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation for explanation.
    • Data Entry tips for efficiency and control
    • Histograms with Pivot Tables Excel Tips And Tricks and using CountIF
    • I've created a spreadsheet with a column chart displaying a histogram of student scores and a superimposed normal distribution line chart. (note: add example xls file) Student scores histogram and Normal Distribution This example has a very skewed distribution! But the combination of histogram and distribution line charts are effective for visualizing the scores.
  2. An Introduction to Excel's Normal Distribution Functions
  3. How to Create Normal Curves In Excel, With Shaded Areas

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