The purpose of this page is to document IT acronyms as they "appear" (to me at least), and obviously I have to start somewhere!

Disk Storage in equivalent terms (rounded):

Storage Termkilobytesgigabytes
Megabyte1 million.001
gigabyte1 billion1
terabyte1 trillion1 thousand
petabyte1 quadrillion1 million
Exabyte1 quintillion1 billion
Zettabyte1 sextillion1 trillion
yottabyte1 septillion1 quadrillion


Cyberspace is not a new term! It has been around since about 1984. Coined by William Gibson, science fiction writer, in the novel Neuromancer. Alternative terms that show up consistently include ubiquitous computing from Mark Weiser at Xerox PARC or the web which may be attributed to Tim Berners-Lee. 2006-02-05

PIM - Product Information Management. Consolidate all product information in a centralized data repository, including descriptions, dimensions, images, prices, changes, etc. 2005-09-17

WinFS - Wikipedia:WinFS (or the predecessor back in the early 90's: OFS-Object File System ) 2005-09-16

SOA - Wikipedia:Service-oriented_architecture 2005-09-16

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