ACL Notes

Key ACL Project Files

File ExtentionDescription
.aclACL Project File - contains table layouts of source files, notes, scripts, and views. BACK THIS FILE UP!
.log and .lixACL Log Files - the date & time stamped history of commands and screen output. This is a critical file with all of the documentation of the work you have performed. BACK THESE FILES UP!
.filACL data files created when defining a file to ACL. Although important, these types of files can be re-created from the source files (remember that your log file includes all of the steps completed, including defining a file)
.inxACL data index files. Used to organize the record order of an ACL data file. Can be re-created, but takes some computer time.

Your application will also contain numerous source files in various formats (MDB, XLS, CSV, etc.) and any output that you have either exported or saved to disk. It is a good idea to backup these files as they are part of your analysis.

ACL Project Hints

When working on a project in ACL - everything seems very organized within the project structure. But when you need to make a backup of the files or move the project to another computer it can be confusing. Other hints:

  • create a new subfolder for a new project. This will help you organize the relevant files so it is easy to backup the entire folder. Rather than do everything in C:\ACL Data\, for Project ABC create and use C:\ACL Data\Prj ABC\. Create and save your new ACL project in this new folder. Backup is pretty easy --- everything in the subfolder!
  • Output from most ACL analysis can be sent to either the monitor or to an output file. If there is a possibility of additional processing or reporting on the output - an output file is a timesaver. Make sure that you name these output files with good descriptions of how they were created.
  • Other ACL resources
  • ACL Quick Reference sheet

IT Audit Resources

Audit specialization groups (IT processes and controls)

FirmShort NameIT Audit group
KPMGRASRisk Advisory Services
Ernst & YoungTSRSTechnology and Security Risk Services
Deloitte & ToucheERSEnterprise Risk Services
PricewaterhouseCoopersSPASystems & Process Assurance
Grant Thornton Business Advisory Services
BDO Seidman IS Assurance
LBMC (Lattimore, Black, Morgan & Cain Risk Services

as of 2007-06-07, updated 2008-03-12

I'm looking for similar information for other firms, such as:

  • McGladrey & Pullen
  • Crowe Chizek
  • Dixon Hughes
  • Pershing Yoakley

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