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  1. Log Jan 2011
  2. Log July 2011
  3. StockCharts link nice setup with RSI, ROC, CMF, and MA 50/200 day and Pivot Points on the chart.
    1. StockCharts Technical Rank for Large Cap Stocks, also available for mid and small cap stocks
    2. StockCharts Technical Rank for US ETFs is a bit bizarre, but interesting. For example, observe the extremes of SCTR for ZROZ PIMCO 20+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury Index Fund
  4. Investment Markets Dashboard

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From Oct 2012

  1. RSI is available at and many other technical charting sites. But where is it available in a table of data (i.e. along with daily price)? has several options for searching for specific RSI parameter companies (but limited availability)
  2. Another charting service with two forms of relative strength:
    • Relative Strength (Dorsey) based on “Point & Figure Charting” by Thomas Dorsey and
    • Relative Strength (Mansfield) based on “Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets’ by Stan Weinstein
    • Related discussion in the Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis forum for Technical Analysis at (primary contributor isatrader)
    • a similar related discussion in the Market Breadth forum for Technical Analysis at
    • Predefined Scans at provide some ability to drill down to individual stocks exhibiting various technical patterns, including candlestick and P&F patterns
  3. 10 year summary at MSN

We overestimate what we can accomplish in a day, but underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.

Chris Guilleabeau

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