Interest Rate data:

US Stocks: VTI, Vanguard Total MarketDaily VTIWeekly VTI
Foreign Stocks: VEU, Vanguard FTSE All World x-USDaily VEUWeekly VEU
Bonds: BND, Vanguard Total Bond MarketDaily BNDWeekly BND
REIT: VNQ, Vanguard REIT VipersDaily VNQWeekly VNQ
Commodities: DBC, DB Commodities Tracking IndexDaily DBCWeekly DBC
S&P 500 Large Cap Index: $SPXDaily $SPXWeekly $SPX


Investment Overview

without theory, we're at sea without a sextant. If we can't see beyond what's close by, we're relying on chance -- on the currents of life -- to guide us. Good theory helps people steer to good decisions

Clayton M. Christensen

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