Symbols mean nothing if the values aren't there.

Lee Iacocca

Healthy Eating -- references to oatmeal

  1. Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal reference list shows that rolled oats are from thickest in order: Extra Thick, Old Fashioned Regular, Quick Cooking and last Instant
  2. Oat Types, Rolled and More with photos and descriptions from whole oat or oat groat, steel cut oats, rolled oats (thick or regular, quick, instant, and oat bran and oat flour

Cooking or not ... oatmeal

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    I like it (a 1940 manual typewriter) because I like the feeling of making something with my hands. I like pressing the key and a letter comes up and is printed on a piece of paper. I can understand that. It’s not out in the ether somewhere.

    David McCullough interview in Belmont Vision regarding his $25 typewriter

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