The soul must perform two duties.
The first is to always wonder and be surprised.
The second is to endure, always taking pleasure in God.

Julian of Norwich

Where are my files stored?

  1. OneNote files in Windows File Structure from 8/2017 has a couple of important details:
    1. OneNote keeps a separate file for each OneNote Section.
    2. Each Section file uses the extension .one.
    3. By default, copies on Windows and on OneDrive are kept synchronized by OneNote.
    4. Local windows storage location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\16\Backup\<NotebookName>\Sectionname+datestamp>.one
  2. Thoughts on notebook section size
    1. Technically, the file size limit for a notebook section would be 2GB as that is the limit on OneDrive
    2. Practically, because of the continuous synchronization between Windows and OneDrive, there would be a benefit to not allowing sections to grow that large.

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  1. splitting sections and moving pages between OneNote Notebooks
  2. Opening old OneNote file types - yes this seems to be a problem with OneNote 2003, OneNote 2007, and up to OneNote 2016.

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    I have learned that my creative condition and my spiritual condition are one and the same. Making art is an act of faith.

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