Part of a backup solution for photos and a move in the direction of making photos available and usable. What are some things to consider?

  • Image sources
    • Canon 60D 18.00 Megapixels APS-C
    • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II 16.1 Megapixel MicroFourThirds
    • Smartphone photos
    • iPad photos
    • older digital cameras
  • Storage
  • Sync
  • Features
  • Easy uploading
  • Easy discovery and sharing
  • Unified library

Google Photo

  • unlimited free storage at high quality (not original)
  • Raw files can be uploaded but are converted to JPG's. Not advised!
  • Back up & Sync from smart phone and web Google Photos
  • part of Google account and can access from any device
  • automatic features. For example, uses geolocation and face recognition, then automatically puts together genuinely useful photo albums, collages, and movies.
  • Pixel 2 phone? Upload photos in their original quality and resolution until 2020

Amazon Prime Photos

  • with Amazon Prime - free unlimited image storage for photos
  • limit of 5GB of video storage
  • differentiation feature: store raw image files in your free allowance

Video storage

  • what about YouTube?

Other utilities for upload / sync

EXIF data used for organizing in cloud storage

this might be a big task to figure out, but here is a start at collecting details.

Google Photos
Amazon Prime Photos

are recorded. The format is "YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS" with time shown in 24-hour format, and the date and time separated by one blank character

  1. DateTimeDigitized - The date and time when the image was stored as digital data. If, for example, an image was captured by DSC and at the same time the file was recorded, then the DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized will have the same contents.
  2. GPSDateStamp - A character string recording date and time information relative to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The

format is "YYYY:MM:DD."

  1. DateTime - File change date and time
  2. Channel ID: ICRD Creation date. Indicates the date the subject of the file was created. (Audio??)
  3. Image File description examples from page 107 of the Exif specification
    • File Change Date and Time
    • Date and Time of Original Image Creation
    • Date and Time of File Creation
  • XMP:DateTimeOriginal
  • CreateDate
  • FileCreateDate

New and Changed:

    References consulted - Feb 2018


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