Outlook Stored Responses

Save and reuse text snippets to quickly compose an email with frequently used details. Think efficiency! Reuse common email text responses without the need to remember, retype, and spend time.

The answer in Outlook is Quick Parts.

  • Save new text into a Quick Part by highlighting and from the top menu
    1. [Insert]
    2. [Quick Parts]
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Outlook Rules

Hitting the limit on Outlook rules is always a bit frustrating. So here are some things that help to manage it:

  1. What is the limit? 32K? 64K? Higher? It depends on your Exchange Server version, but the bottom line is that you do not have an endless supply of rules in Microsoft Outlook!
  2. Consolidate rules. My first rule now consists of multiple domains that are searched in the sent from address and moved to the Bacon folder. This is email that I will get to once or twice a week. Because of the overhead for each single rule, combining several addresses together works in a single rule.
    1. side benefit of the consolidate rule: The ability to filter those hard to filter emails from email services such as and
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see Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Outlook Utilities

Outlook Tips

Processing email with a perspective on where the email came from. This idea has many paths, but here is a simple structure that could add value. 2015-07-20

  1. Filter by sent directly TO me; sent as a CC (why not just a C?); sent from an Outside your firm email address; and invitations / meeting requests.
  2. The key is the order of processing. If sent from an external address is used to filter out TO from internal emails, the order of the rules is important.
  3. Explained nicely at by Scott Hanselman

Primarily Outlook 2007

3 Steps to Create an Email Distribution List from a Category in MS Outlook - I use categories for almost everything in Outlook. To quickly take a categorized list of contacts and create an email distribution list:

  1. use a custom view with full name and email address, filtered by the category
  2. Create a distribution list - pasting in the custom view list

The power of Outlook Categories - extensive description of categories. Contrasted with folders as an organizing mechanism.

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

Strategy: learn one new keyboard shortcut each week. End result is enhanced productivity without lifting your hands from the keyboard to grab the mouse.

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Extracting Data From Outlook 2007

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Fixes for Outlook 2007 Running Slowly

I believe that Outlook 2007 will compact .PST files automatically in the background if the CPU is idle and there are no disk intensive operations. BUT, you can also manually compact .PST files.

.PST (and other Outlook configuration) files are located under your username in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\... A quick route to this folder is to copy and paste the following text into Vista's Start menu "Start Search" field:

  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook (for .PST files)
  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook (for Outlook configuration files)

I've also noticed after linked my Google Calendar into Outlook that the Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst file continues to grow very large (currently at 700MB).

Another area for reducing overhead on Outlook is:

  • Disable Outlook Addin's not used
  • Disable RSS feeds
  • More complete information on both of these ideas is at Online Tech Tips


And on a final note ... NOT Outlook, but Google Calendar ... 2009-10-07


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