Strategy: learn one new keyboard shortcut each week. End result is enhanced productivity without lifting your hands from the keyboard to grab the mouse.

Message Actions

  • [Backspace] - Archive
  • [Ctrl] [Q] - Mark as read
  • [Ctrl] [Shift] [V] - Move item, context menu gives last selected folder
  • [Ctrl] [P] - print
  • [Ctrl] [R] - Reply to mail message
  • [Ctrl] [Shift] [R] - Reply All to mail message
  • [Ctrl] [F] - Forward
  • [Ctrl] [Shift] [Y] - Copy item, context menu gives last selected folder (even a task)
  • [Ctrl] [Y] - to go to a different folder
  • [Alt] [S] - To close an item
  • [Alt] [F], then [N] to open the Save Attachments menu, [A] to save all, and then select the folder to save in and press [Enter] - Quickly save attachments


  • [F3] - Find in active window
  • [F4] - Find text in an open item
  • [Ctrl] [Shift] [F] - Advanced Find
  • [F11] - put cursor in search address book field

Microsoft hierarchical listing

Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts

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