Hitting the limit on Outlook rules is always a bit frustrating. So here are some things that help to manage it:

  1. What is the limit? 32K? 64K? Higher? It depends on your Exchange Server version, but the bottom line is that you do not have an endless supply of rules in Microsoft Outlook!
  2. Consolidate rules. My first rule now consists of multiple domains that are searched in the sent from address and moved to the Bacon folder. This is email that I will get to once or twice a week. Because of the overhead for each single rule, combining several addresses together works in a single rule.
    1. side benefit of the consolidate rule: The ability to filter those hard to filter emails from email services such as and
  3. Short rule names. Ok, space is measured in a few "k". Rules created by Always move messages from can have extremely long names. Manage Rules and Alerts to Change Rules by renaming to short names. If you don't need or want to edit later, use extremely short names (i.e. one character!).
  4. All of my rules Move it to a folder. My favorite folder has a short name: Z_Bacn. Keep the folder name short.


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