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innovation comes from ... saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don’t get on the wrong track or try to do too much.

Steve Jobs

Daily Spiritual Reflection

Copyright material excerpted from William J. Byron, S.J., Answers from Within: Spiritual Guidelines for Managing Setbacks in Work and Life (New York: Macmillan, 1997).

A Personal Checklist

Pauline Criteria MorningEvening
LoveAm I prepared to share, serve, and sacrifice for others today? Did I open up toward others?  Where did I hurt anyone or hold back?
JoyIs my will aligned with God's?  Do I cherish the graces, the gifts of God to me?  Do I recognize the difference between pleasure and happiness?  Am I in balance?Where did I  turn in on myself today?  When and why did sadness touch me today?  Did I lose balance?
PeaceWhat image of tranquility can I carry with me into this new day?Why was I upset?  What grudges am I carrying?  Did I disturb the peace of others?  Did I make anyone angry?
PatienceAm I prepared to suffer today, if God wills it or is willing to permit it?When and why did I "lose" it today?  Did I overreact?  Did I lose my temper because I was about to lose face?  Do I really believe that everything depends on me?
KindnessAm I prepared to be considerate today?  Will courtesy and civility accompany me through the day, and will attentiveness mark my relationship to others?Did I contribute any rudeness, abrupt demands, or insults to the rubble of the day?
GenerosityWhat will I be today, a giver or a taker?Was I petty, ungiving, or unforgiving in any way today?  Did meanness enter the world today through me?  Did I make anyone smile?  Did I listen generously?
FaithfulnessIf God is God, he cannot be anything but faithful to me today and always.   I resolve  to remain faithful to God today and, with God's help, to keep all my commitments in faith and friendship, in dependability and reliability.Was anyone let down by me  today?  Did I lose any faith in God or in myself?  Did I violate any trusts?
GentlenessI am capable of being rude, rough, and domineering.  I want to be gentle.  I hope the source of all gentleness will work through me today.Was I harsh toward anyone today?  Did I hurt anyone in any way?
Self-ControlI may have to say no to myself today; am I ready?Did I leave any space for others today?  Was I selfish or indulgent in ways that diminished the world' s supply of human dignity?

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