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Canon Digital Photography Forums - Canon SD600 purchased in early 2006, plenty of help for questions and gadget ideas

National Geographic Daily Dozen - what an amazing daily archive of great photos. Composition, color, and pure joy in the photographs from around the world. If the digital camera needed some praise, is the perfect window to the world. 2008-12-09

Sunrise Sunset application for Tennessee, select city to generate times.

Scanning Resolution

Photographs - generally a resolution of 300dpi will handle the output resolution of most printers (150dpi would be good enough for a laser printer which prints at 600dpi) "[Scanning 101]". A formula for calculating the dpi based on 2 factors (original photo size and final printed photo size) is: 264 x Enlarge or Reduce Percent = Scan Resolution dpi. (if printing in b&w change the factor to 200). "[Scanning Tips]". Examples:

  • original and final at same size = 264dpi
  • final print 50% larger = 264 x 1.50 = 396dpi
  • final print 25% smaller = 264 x .75 = 198dpi

Black and White line art - generally a resolution of 1200dpi will handle the output resolution of most printers (600dpi would be good enough for a laser printer which prints at 600dpi) "[Scanning 101]"

Photographer Links

  1. Patrick Smith Flickr with extensive notes for each photograph
  2. Patrick Smith 500px
  3. Stunning photos at 500px

HD Video with a Canon 60D

  1. Video recording summary for the 60D. The output is stored as an MOV file which is AVC / H.264 image compression, 1,920 x 1088 (1080p) resolution. This is a computing intensive format if attempting to playback on a PC.
  2. Testing Avidemux with my HD video. Initial objective is combining several clips together into a single video. And then simple conversion to DVD format output.
    • Note: Microsoft Live Movie Maker 2011 is not able to even read the MOV file from the camera.

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