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Alone among the professions, the accountant accomplishes his social purpose by being independent of his client rather than serving the client’s interest to the exclusion of others or following his own profit-maximizing interest

John C. Burton in The Need for Professional Accounting Education (1975)

Printing PowerPoint pages for a poster session

  1. A poster session requires better printing than handouts. I could design and print a poster. But the cost of printing at about $100 isn't really worth it. The alternative is to print individual PowerPoint slides. The problem with this option is that the on screen show slides print with wide white borders. The best solution would be borderless printing. I could do that with my Canon ink jet printer (borderless printing similar to photo printing). But I'll go for color printing in the campus computer lab.
  2. Solving the printing border issue (MS PowerPoint 2010 in this case, but 2007 and after should be very similar):
    • Change the page setup in the Design menu, starting with "Slides sized for" 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper
    • Just guessing, but I'll change the margins to 10.6 (Width) x 8.1 (Height). That allows a .2 inch margin on each side which may be the minimum. [assumes printing landscape]
    • Print full page slides
  3. The resulting print should have a substantially smaller white border. The typical on-screen page size is 10 x 7.5. This method should result in 10.6 x 8.1 inches. An improvement from 75 square inches to 85.86 inches of printed space. An 8.5 x 11 page has 93.5 square inches so this improvement is from 80% coverage to 92% coverage of the page.
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borderless ??

  Wall Drawing No. 681 C,  by Sol LeWitt by Cliff1066

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Annual focus and daily actions

  1. annual focus areas
  2. Make actions count in those areas each day
    1. when
    2. where

5 min in morning 1 min each hour to Refocus 5 min in evening

Task management. Not everything will get done.

Action. Reflection.


amazon management style

Extracting a Video Clip from a DVD

Last version of this was in July 2015. I've updated with merging multiple clips using the YouTube editor. Separated the content into an individual page. 2015-08-24


Over the years, I have learned to grab tidbits of time. The tidbits add up.

Julia Cameron

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