When you don't know what to do, do something.

James Fisk, Bell Labs

fishing at sunset

fishing at sunset - Sun reflecting off the cloud to the south. Beached red kayak and two fishermen still hopeful for the big catch at the end of the day on the cove at Shutes Branch. on 7/28/2017

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Notes of possible interest to my classes

This is an interesting problem - how to be share articles of interest that I may want to use for a quick classroom discussion. Here are a couple of examples

  1. Communication technologies constantly change and evolve. Individuals, teams, and organizations preferences for specific technologies also constantly change. Of course, strengths, weaknesses, and simply preferences are also part of the mix of change. A post on LinkedIn summarizes some of the change furor: The Fax Died Quickly, And eMail Is Right Behind It – Not. But ultimately, each of use must be effective users of any of these communication tools.
    1. For example in my courses, I communicate through Blackboard as a learning management platform. I try to send very few emails as Blackboard has an Activity Stream that notifies content additions, grades posted, calendar events added, messages/replies, deadlines now and upcoming as well as past due items. (More Activity Stream details at )
    2. Another consideration is Office Hours ... traditional, open door, time available. Blackboard Collaborate is one option for a virtual meeting. may be another (although I'm not sure what the free version is after my trial expired).
  2. Effective use of Excel is an entry level skill for CPA firms and accounting jobs today. And has been for quite some time. This article is not about those basic skills, but addresses a broader question about comparing Excel and Google Sheets. The collaboration benefits of Google Sheets has been building steadily over the years, along with a richer and richer feature set. This article from August 2017 is a comprehensive analysis of both spreadsheets - good read! Microsoft Excel vs. Google Sheets: Which works better for business?
  3. So a question for myself - how to best capture and distribute these details for either my or student use?

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    Blackboard questions

    • need a spot for collection and resolution. some are suggestions for improvement / new features.
    • can I set a default for blackboard unlimited attempts in an assignment submission?
    • New section: Blackboard questions


    I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men. (After losing a bundle in the South Sea Bubble)

    Sir Isaac Newton

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