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former President Jimmy Carter quoting his teacher

Adobe portfolio for my photos

Nice feature - testing it with a few photos

  • Questions:
    • what about the captions?
    • Exif data?

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Podcast - Case Studies in Fraud

Interview with Tiffany Couch, forensic accountant, with three fraud stories from small businesses. Part of the forensics is simply looking at the Quickbooks file of transactions. Fraudulent payments are examples that were directly visible but it was also important to look at source documents and bank statements. Credit card fraud at a non-profit is the 3rd example.

Tiffany recently wrote a book, The Thief in Your Company,

Teaching through modeling

This concept flips the classroom. According to Harold Jarche, When we teach through modelling behaviour, the learner is in control, whereas teaching by shaping behaviour means the teacher is in control. (article at:

So what is modelling? It seems that it is showing how to learn and how to approach the subject. It seems to start at the end ... what does the end result look like and demonstrates how to get to that end.

Jarche expanded as follows:

  • Modelling is the primary method I use ... I provide examples from my own work as well as others. ... It is up to each participant to decide to make a personal journey to mastery. ... examples from peers can be powerful motivators, which is why I always enlist a cohort to learn together and share as they go. But the major challenge for objective-obsessed organizations and individuals is that this type of teaching and learning takes time. ... we are overwhelmed by information. As knowledge expands and new information is constantly added, who has the base knowledge to do the shaping anyway? In our digitally networked world, modelling how to learn is a better strategy than shaping on a predefined curriculum.

This actually fits my current thoughts on how to move teaching AIS further along the curve to lifelong learning. I think that I have to start with writing what the end point looks like for an AIS course today ... at the end of the class and in practice for an internship or job. AIS is much more than an accumulation of terms and memorized content. Application and analysis are keys to success, but understanding the details along the way is important to working on new knowledge. Understanding business processes and controls, not for the sake of memorization, but for the purpose of understanding and application in a business setting are key concepts.

Thoughts about teaching for the fall semester

Blogs with great content for college teaching

Searching in Outlook

Why is search in Outlook so difficult? I "know" that something exists in my saved (or even unprocessed) mail, but search doesn't find it. Recently I learned that Outlook "quick" search limits results to 250 hits. I'm sure that there are technical reasons for poor performance such as where the index is located (is it on my SSD drive which doesn't have enough space?) and when, or if, the index is updated.

Enough whining, how about some solutions!

  • has some ideas. I immediately put to use the field name idea with cc:email address in the Sent fold and immediately hit exactly what I was looking for. Some ideas
    • field name
    • date with the example received:(>1/15/2010 AND <4/15/2010) this example also uses the operator AND
    • operators such as >, <, AND, or OR between search terms
    • message size such as a range size:=50KB<60kb or size:10mb..20mb
  • OPEN ... reference for field names and other tips and tricks

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    The aim of life is to live,
    and to live means to be aware,
    joyously, drunkenly, serenly, divinely aware.

    Henry Miller

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