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Research - Zotero (UPDATE: Zotero June 2015)

Zotero (note: easy to update; installs in the background and is ready at the next restart) What is the difference between Generate Report and Bibliography? Both are available from the right click menu for a single reference, a group of selected references, or a collection.

  • Generate Report - Reports are simple HTML pages that give an overview of the item metadata, notes, and attachments of the selected items. You can print them, post them to the web, and email them.
    • Advantages are access to notes, ability to edit into outlines or document notes
    • Customization and sorting are options
    • Online documentation at
    • Result is a lengthy report with all information available for each citation, including abstracts, notes, and complete article information in the Zotero database.
    • A great resource for the process of researching and then writing a paper.
  • Create Bibliography - has options for bibliography format and export type (RTF, HTML, Clipboard, printer)

Photography keywords

Simple explanation at

Comprehensive details at

Metadata details at

Photo web sites June 2015

  1. 2015-05-29
  2. 2015-04-29
  3. 2015-06-10
  4. 2015-06-04

Google Photos

This is a switch from Google+ Photos and I guess that I need to figure out some of the details!

Some details: Google Photos is a new photo and video application that is separate from Google+. That means: You don't need a Google+ account to use the Google Photos app. Anyone will be able to see photos and videos you share with them, even if they don't have a Google Account. Interesting. Seems more inline with Flickr.

What about existing content in Google+? There are two components to this question:

  1. Any photos and videos you uploaded to Google+ are in your Google Photos library.
  2. However, #1 doesn't include photos "shared" or "posted" using Google+. Google Photos is not a social network, so you won't see Google+ posts you've shared or photos you were tagged in on Google+.
    • This gets a bit confusing because if you look at your Google+ profile under the Photos tab, you will see a combination of
      • photos you have been tagged in Google+ (Photos of you)
      • photos posted / shared in Google+
      • photos / albums uploaded to Google+

The pieces that will be missing from Google Photos are items posted only. However, if you posted from an iPad or phone which is synchronized / backed up to Google ... those items will already be in Google Photos.

Confused yet? I'm sure it will get sorted out but the startup is a bit confusing for me personally. Time to get organized!

  1. What happens when you add photos?


Ideas for converting the PmWiki Total Counter stats log to a CSV

The file structure is an array and would be nice to have in a CSV file for use in Excel.

  1. Export Array to CSV – PHP
  2. PHP file function to read an entire file into an array
  3. PmWiki Total Counter

File format (totalcounter.stat):

  the semicolon ";" separates elements.
  the colon ":" separates values inside the same element.
  "a" character means array, followed by the number of elements in the array and the elements enclosed in "{}" brackets.
  "s" character means string, followed by the string length and the string enclosed in double quotes "".
  "i" means integer, followed by a number that is the value.
  • Configuration changes for TotalCounter, i.e. To Do!
    1. $TotalCounterEnableLookup = 0; prevents DNS lookup
    2. $TotalCounterBlacklist['Users'] exclude sections of statistics
    3. $TotalCounterBlacklist['Referers']
    4. $TotalCounterBlacklist['Locations']
    6. Check the web page for the author of the most recent version of TotalCounter
    7. setup a template for new pages


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