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David Allen

Old photographs

  1. some resources:

Owls in the backyard

Posted my photos from last night in Google Photos at

Writing and editing and organizing ...

  1. 15 Editorial Tools to Help You Outline, Write and Edit (Better and Faster) - (rather descriptive title!!) Check out WorkFlowy and Evernote
  2. From an Evernote fan:
    1. think about not using a wiki?
    2. See content from Jamie Todd Rubin - former Evernote ambassador
  3. Interesting perspective on organization (not an Evernote fan)
  4. Two Perspectives
    1. Evernote + Workflowy + Bullet Journal
    2. Workflowy Organization v2
    3. WorkFlowy for organizing web URLs is a different perspective. See
  5. of course much of this goes back to outlining software such as ThinkTank that was available 30 years ago.


  1. Screencasting and Screen Recording in the Classroom exhaustive live
  2. for sharing your screen on an ad-hoc basis (audio also)
  3. Share a screen in a Google Hangout

Educational Learning Objectives

(this may need a separate page ... and a search for other references!)

  • K-5 iPad Apps for Remembering (Bloom's Revised Taxonomy, Part 1) multi-part article with a focus on each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. For example for Understanding,
    • provide opportunities for students to explain ideas or concepts. Verbs commonly used to describe this phase include interpreting; restating, retelling, summarizing, inferring, generalizing, comparing, rephrasing, translating, reporting, clarifying, and paraphrasing. Understanding apps step away from the selection of a "right" answer and introduce a more open-ended format for students to summarize content and translate meaning.
    • Also consider if the activity will help to
      • Summarize facts and ideas?
      • Restate methods or procedures?
      • Interpret relationships?
      • Paraphrase information?
      • Predict consequences?
      • Give examples?
      • Retell information in own words?
      • Retell events?
      • State problem in own words?
      • Explain ideas or concepts?
      • ''Determine importance?

Source for quotes above:

CPA Exam

CPA Content Committee is part of The AICPA Board of Examiners (BOE) structure.

The Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) subcommittee of the CPA Content Committee is responsible for the technical review of the BEC section content.


  1. still thinking about the php file or array with totalcounter data. see and Scribbles-June2015
  2. Nashville photographers and / or other great photography pages. Start with Stacey Irvin (check out the Montana gallery at ).
  3. Consider an ongoing project. An example from Stacey Irvin:

Wireless internet

checking for access points and throughput

  1. GlassWire is an interesting network analyzer, with excellent visual reporting
  2. WifiAnalyzer by farproc (Android) is a tool for analyzing wifi signals with your phone

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