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Parker Palmer

legend on the wall

legend on the wall - street corner music at CMA fest with the Legends mural behind on 6/8/2017

 by Del DeVries, on Flickr  Creative Commons License  

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Podcast reviews

Ok, iTunes certainly has a repository of podcast reviews but where else are there reviews? Sticher ... possibly. What about Google Play?

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New and Changed:

    Deleted Files

    How did the file get deleted and what to do about it.

    • General / Background on file structures and identification of deleted files
    1. NIST - white paper describing 'Active File Identification & Deleted File Recovery' ... more ...


    Forensics and Benfords Law (an explanation of the connection and theory)

    Forensics Tools:
      ... more ...

    Alternate Browsers

    What are the implications for better security?

    • Google Chrome of course ...
    • Comodo Dragon Browser

    Strategies for Sudoku puzzles

    Street Photography

    • Blog / Related Flickr Account of Scott Loftesness
    • Some comments on use of the Canon S100
    • Eric Kim

    High Resolution photos

    (for free?) The license is pretty clear ... free, no need for attribution (although it would be nice)

    Tableau - 20 days to learn Tableau - using a step by step approach to finding materials available for free has public visualizations of data workbooks

    Journal of Accounting Ed

    Vista Beans .... check it out

    Class prep ideas 6/26/2017

    Treemap chart in Excel 2016

    Olympus Art Filters

    The Technical Side of Art: Part Two — The Olympus Art Toolkit

    Experimenting with the OMD's art filters (imgs)

    Analytics / Business Intelligence / Data Analytics

    more resources to check out


    Follow your bliss.

    Joseph Campbell

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