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without theory, we're at sea without a sextant. If we can't see beyond what's close by, we're relying on chance -- on the currents of life -- to guide us. Good theory helps people steer to good decisions

Clayton M. Christensen


Time to focus on Lightroom skills (review from last month )


Time to create a dedicated page for SAP information. I'll have to collect details captured earlier.

SAP Enterprise Systems

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Studiousness vs Curiosity

Thomas Aquinas described the conflict between virtue ("studiositas" or studiousness) and vice ("curiositas" or curiousity) as important questions in the pursuit of wisdom. The question revolves around studying for a purpose, prioritizing, and use of reputable sources. Thus discipline, concentration, and patience are needed for study.

Recent article: "Studiositas" and "Curiositas": Matters for Self-Examination ( by Ramos in Educational Horizons, v83 n4 p272-281 Sum 2005. Teachers generally agree that curiosity is a good thing that needs to be fostered: that the student who is curious is more desirous of knowledge, more attentive, and more interested in learning than the student who is less inquisitive. ... The author examines how educators may be able to foster the virtue of "studiositas" and notice the manifestations of "curiositas" both in their students and in themselves.


It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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