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  1. Linked from because of use of SysInternals: Domain Goodness – How I Learned to LOVE AD Explorer with extensive tracks on the process and results. Active Directory Explorer is an advanced Active Directory (AD) viewer and editor. Note Black Hills Security in Spearfish, SD
  3. Resources:
    • Description criteria that management can use to explain an organization’s cybersecurity risk management program in a consistent manner. CPAs can use these criteria to report on management’s description of its cybersecurity risk program
    • Control criteria that CPAs providing advisory or attestation services can use to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the controls within a client’s program.
    • (to be published in May ... an attest guide) Reporting on an Entity’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program and Controls

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Photography snapshots

No Ansel Adams
but the snapshots we captured

from Moonrise, Aurora, Nebraska by Twyla M. Hansen from Rock. Tree. Bird. © The Backwaters Press, 2017.

Continued at The Writer's Almanac More information on the author at:

Photography - Exhibit Tracking time in various cities. Very impressive website and works.

There’s a real beauty to the way that he makes us look at ordinary things in different ways. E. Carmen Ramos


New and Changed:

    Lightroom Import setup
    1. I'm turning off the following as I'm not really using them or they take extra time:
      1. DNG conversion of the native camera raw file. I use Canon and Olympus - both of which are standard RAW files and should be supported forever.
      2. SmartPreview - I don't keep files on an external, unconnected drive
    2. Open Questions:
      1. do I need to clean up old SmartPreview files?
        1. check [Library / Previews] for options to discard Smart Previews
      2. Where are SmartPreview files stored and how much space is taken up?
      3. Can I selectively turn off face detection for a whole range of photos? On a single import? On a single date?
      4. Control the size of Standard previews; what am I creating now? ... check
      5. Keywords - how about a system to do this!
        1. getting starting with resources:
      6. Creative Commons metadata
        1. Overview from Creative Commons on the XMP data
        5. Metadata more generally:
      7. Camera Profiles for saving Develop Module settings
      8. Photo website for learning more about effective use of Lightroom
    3. Import Settings that I want
      1. Search Index - used for face detection. Sure it takes time but it works great for my family.
      2. Back up photos during import - [File Handling panel] check Make A Second Copy To and specify a location, i.e. hard drive
      3. Ignore duplicates when importing - [File Handling panel] check Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates (a photo is a duplicate of another file in the catalog if it has the same, original filename; the same Exif capture date and time; and the same file size.)
      4. Build Previews = Standard At the top of the [File Handling panel]
      5. File Renaming - Rename Files: I use the template Date - Filename for yyyymmdd-complete filename from camera.extension
      6. Apply Develop settings to photos when importing - starts outside the Import module by creating a Develop preset and saving it.
        1. Camera Profile in the Develop module
        2. Use a Metadata Preset template - including Copyright, author, etc.
        3. Add Keywords
      7. Destination into Subfolder - seems to be working by Year and then by Day in the Year so: 2017/2017-05-21 as the folder structure within the main catalog folder (which happens to be Canon60D setup in 2012 with install of Lightroom)
    4. Import using presets
      1. Create a preset for each camera with the same base details
      2. Presets are shown / selected at the bottom of the import window
      3. Save in Import Preset > Save Current Settings As New Preset
      4. To Use a preset, select from the Import Preset menu at the bottom of the import window, and then Import.
    5. Resources:
    South Dakota author

    Linda M. Hasselstrom


    You can't recycle bowling balls.

    NPR - Planet Money, 3/27/2015

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