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No matter how big and tough a problem may be, get rid of confusion by taking one little step toward solution. Do something.

George F. Nordenholt

Remote control of Canon 60D

  1. Remote Control RC-6
  2. check the switch on the remote for immediate firing, ("•"). The other mode is a 2-second delay
  3. Set the drive mode to remote control
  4. Point at the remote control sensor on the front of the camera

Focus on Canon 60D

  1. Change the single point focus - focus point quickly with
    • AF point selection / Magnify button on the back of the camera, upper right
    • Looking down at the top LCD panel - use the Main Dial by the shutter button to change the focus point
    • Looking through the viewfinder - use the Quick Control Dial on the back to move the focus point
  2. Back button focus - fix the subject focus and then have the ability to shift the camera for composition and proper exposure without losing the focus point. Can continue to shoot without the focus point changing
    • Use the <AF-ON> button on the back of the camera, top right thrid. Press the button to focus. Hold when satisfied with the focus.
    • Press the shutter button (still holding the AF ON button) to take the photo. Continue with the same focus as long as the camera to subject distance does not change.
  3. References

Reading .mobi books in Windows

I've tried two possible solutions in Windows

  1. FBReader Application that runs in Windows (also multi platform)
  2. Sumatra PDF has a stand alone solution that can run from a USB. Works nicely, includes graphics.

lens profile in Lightroom

Book lists for consideration from Shelfari

New ways to use this site

Thinking about how to document SAP reports for class. What would be good information to include?

  1. SAP menu hierarchy
  2. Transaction code
  3. Inputs required (this will be difficult, but a screen shot sample might be enough with an output sample)
  4. Report screenshot (link with the appropriate input above)
  5. Purposes, outcomes, and options for the report. A description of why it might be useful
  6. Everything up to this point is a hierarchy (which SAP is already very good at); can this be made into a tag cloud or a mind map structure?

Create a report summary page and link from SAP Enterprise Systems

Submitting an academic paper / presentation to an SAP conference

Submission info for SAP Academic Conference Americas 2016. Deadline for the Feb 2016 conference was late Oct 2015.

Keys to personal organization on an ongoing basis

  1. Capture
  2. Schedule
  3. Review
  4. Empty
  5. Do it

Interesting article with extensive details at

Never Enough Time? another excellent article (short) on

See also: GtD Project List and Log Book

Smoking A Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lightroom presets


I like it (a 1940 manual typewriter) because I like the feeling of making something with my hands. I like pressing the key and a letter comes up and is printed on a piece of paper. I can understand that. It’s not out in the ether somewhere.

David McCullough interview in Belmont Vision regarding his $25 typewriter

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