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If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.

Joseph Campbell

Heart Healthy

A log of differing opinions on what is heart healthy.

  • Low sugar
  • Low carb
    ... more ...


Time Tracking

Toggl is a web based app that operates rather neatly in a browser window. My idea is to review work time over a week. Typically this takes place on a computer, so the app will be easy to use.

  • questions:
    • is there a schedule or timeline for a day to observe gaps?
    • how to append other time

Formatting USB Drives

The format window for a USB drive includes your choice of File System

  • FAT32 is the default
  • FAT
  • NTFS
  • exFAT
    ... more ...


Parked applications

In the cloud and out of mind, but comes back into my project management (tasks, GtD, etc.) thought process when feeling overwhelmed with too much to do!

Trello - kanban style boards for organizing and managing projects and details.

Asana - to manage tasks and projects. Team focus

Toggl - time capture and reporting

Sharing Lightroom expertise - Passport Photos

Time for new passport photos. Taking the photos is the easy part (relatively after getting the lighting setup). Cropping in Lightroom is also fairly painless.

  • A complete how-to walk-through by the Strobist on How to Take a Great Passport Photo, key details:
    • bounce flash
    • 2 white foam core boards
    • Rules: horizontally centered, facing camera, neutral expression, both eyes open, no reflections from the eyeglasses that obscure your eyes, no shadows, white background
    • Good ideas: look confident,
    • Sit up straight. Fix those chins. Smile with your eyes. Aim for a shot that makes you look and feel like the savvy world traveler you will one day be—but doesn't invite an interrogation at the border.
  • Photo composition template from the US State Department.
    • use a spreadsheet to convert the guidelines to mm so that you can measure on the screen for the requirements for eye placement line and the size of the head.
    • exactly 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)

Printing is the last step. Thanks to sharing of Lightroom tips AND a Lightroom template it was easy.

Mirrorless Camera's -- reading list

This is a 2015-10-08 todo. Thinking about mirrorless camera's particularly the Olympus or Fuji (or maybe even Sony)

Hanging by a thread - Backyard leaf dance

Financial management note

  • From, a resource of talking points for talking with your family about financial matters. The Transparent Legacy by Cheryl Curran CFP.
  • Paul Merriman is retired but continues as a prolific author focused on helping others with financial fitness.

Kindle Highlights

can be accessed at (need to be signed-in)



Art is making the strange familiar and the familiar strange.

Paul Klee

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