Shanghai works well for a large group around the kitchen table. Requires standard card decks without jokers (at least 2 decks, add an additional deck for more than 5 players). This is the Vivian Evenson version which combines rules from Shanghai and Shanghai Rummy.

  1. Each player is dealt 10 cards. Cards can be dealt singly or 3 at a time + 1. Remaining cards are set in the middle of the table as the reserve pile.
  2. The objective is to play all of the cards in your hand. Players must be able to play at least a card or must draw a card from the reserve pile (if the card drawn is playable, it must be played immediately).
  3. Play starts by melding based on current hand's meld requirement (see below).
  4. After a player has melded, that player can play on other players meld(s) and may rearrange other melds to accommodate playing cards from their hand. At the completion of the player's turn, all cards on the table must be legal melds.
  5. After a player has melded - in all future turns in the hand: if the player is not able to play, they must draw cards until a drawn card is playable. This card is played and the other drawn cards are held by the player.
  6. Playing the last card in a hand should be announced as "Shanghai". This ends the hand.
  7. Scoring is calculated at 1 point for each card remaining in a players hand. The game ends after "meld requirement" #7 for three runs.

Meld Requirement (start at #1 in the first round, and move up for subsequent deals)

  1. two sets
  2. one set, one run
  3. two runs
  4. three sets
  5. two sets, one run
  6. one set, two runs
  7. three runs

Set = a grouping of at least 3 and no more than 4 cards of the same face value cards from different suits.

Run = a grouping of at least 3 cards in sequence from the same suit. Aces can be either high or low.

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