Excellent post at MineZone Blog this week on subversion for WordPress. Subversion is version control and is typically used by programmers moving between development, test, and production. However, it can also be used with a svn client and command line access to your server to easily update subversion capable software to the most current release (either stable or bleeding edge). The WordPress explanation at Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion is complete, covering initial installation and also converting an existing installation to svn capable. Need to check that the svn code is available on the server (otherwise available at

The WordPress Codex documentation site has a very handy page on Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion. For anyone who maintains a WordPress blog, especially if you maintain more than one, it makes the process of upgrading a snap.

I need to check this out for PmWiki as upgrading by downloading, unzipping, and then copying up to the server would be much easier as a command line function. It would give me the incentive to update more often than once or twice a year! And of course it is possible to use subversion in PmWiki, PmWiki:Subversion

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You can only hit one ball at a time, so keep each swing focused on where the ball needs to land. If the ball falls short of its destination, you can always hit it again.

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