The ongoing evolution in monitor resolution continues. In early 2007, it appears that a very common screen resolution is 1024 x 768 (Jakob Nielsen 7/31/2006

Screen Size Test Interactive tool to perform various screen size tests.


Color Schemer ColorPix free Windows program, ColorPix is a useful little color picker that grabs the pixel under your mouse and transforms it into a number of different color formats. Use to extract color values from existing photos and web colors, i.e. match the color.

Color Schemer Online online color palette creation - very creative!

Server Software Applications

  • WordPress blogging application / platform
  • PmWiki is a wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites. PmWiki pages look and act like normal web pages, except they have an "Edit" link that makes it easy to modify existing pages and add new pages into the website, using basic editing rules. You do not need to know or use any HTML or CSS. Page editing can be left open to the public or restricted to small groups of authors.
  • Favicon- quick and easy generation of a Favicon for the website. Start with your photo or artwork, follow a couple of simple instructions (one line of code in html header and copy one small file to the root of your website), and .... DONE!


The most common fonts as surveyed by 2008-09-25


As a child, my number one best friend was the librarian in my grade school. I actually believed all those books belonged to her.

Erma Bombeck

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